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We are the Maryland/Virginia group of ShA - Shoplifters Anonymous.  The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop stealing.

We meet sporadically, depending on member availability and need for a booster.


I'm sorry, I tried but failed to launch an in-person local group.  There were a few of us, some more motivated than others - most not very motivated.  Many meetings were empties - just me alone, or just another person alone.  A few meetings were in a restaurant for lunch, which was nice, and worked well, and seemed to encourage participation (up to 4 of us showed up).

Fact is, few people with our problem truly want to change.  Or do want to change, but are unable to "out" themselves by meeting other people and speaking openly.  It's embarrassing.

I strongly encourage a visit to the phone bridge.  They meet twice a week.  It's convenient and you can listen to others in your same situation.  Please start there. You don't even have to talk; you can just listen.  It is very helpful.

You can also ask for contact info for others in your area.  The phone bridge will provide you name and phone numbers, and you can meet someone in person.  Or you can just call someone.  Just phone in, and listen in.  You don't have to speak if you don't want to.  Wait until you're comfortable.

Good luck.

This is a closed group, open only to those who suffer from stealing addiction, or are recovering.

If you are unable to join us, please consider phoning in to the national phone bridge.