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Compulsive shoplifting is a progressive disease that can control a person.  It's an addiction that leads to self-destructive behavior with adverse emotional, financial and social consequences and a severe alteration of one’s lifestyle.

Do these signposts describe you?

  1. Taking small items, such as pens or paper, and feeling it "doesn’t count."
  2. Borrowing things and often failing to return them.
  3. Progressing from stealing in small stores, to large stores, to stealing from family and friends.
  4. Suffering low self-esteem, feeling worthless.
  5. Wanting to get away with something.
  6. Wanting something for nothing.
  7. Feeling "I deserve it."
  8. Switching price tags to get merchandise for less.
  9. Concealing stolen items under jackets or clothing.
  10. Assuming that no one is watching.
  11. Feeling all powerful – "they won’t catch me!"
  12. Planning the best approach in stores.
  13. Wondering, "What is wrong with these employees that they don’t notice me?!"
  14. Acquiring excessive stolen merchandise and not even knowing what to do with it.
  15. Progressing from occasional shoplifting to stealing monthly, weekly, or daily.